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Murphy's Laws for Writers - Part 2

Damn. I forgot my earplugs.When I posted the first 10 "Murphy's Laws for Writers," I said that I would share the rest in a future newsletter. Today, I am making good on that promise, but before you read them, here are some more Murphy's Laws Cousins:

+  Murphy's Laws of Law Enforcement (Your bullet proof vest was supplied by the lowest bidder.)
+  Murphy's Laws of Drinking (Never drink with anyone crazier or better armed than you are.)
+  Murphy's Technology Laws (All great discoveries are made by mistake.)

Here are the rest of my Murphy's Law's for Writers. Enjoy!

Murphy's Laws for Writers (Part 2)

11. Everyone's busy. Organize your life so you can write as often as you can.
12. Take creative risks and imaginative leaps. You won't break anything, but you might discover something.
13. Don't rush to publish.
14. Don't fall for vanity press schemes/scams like Vantage Press, the Library of Poetry and Who's Who in the. . . .
15. If you are writing fiction or literary nonfiction for money, you are misinformed. If you are writing poetry for money, you are insane.
16. If you put a © symbol on your manuscript when sending it out, you are saying you do not trust the editor. If you do not trust the editor, don't send it.
17. Give back. Don't be greedy or mean. Share with others.
18. Buy books of writers you admire and subscribe to literary journals.
19. Revise! Revise! Revise!
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