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"I have to thank you for your newsletter—last week you sent links to find places to send stuff out for possible publication. I followed them, joining Duotrope, and this week I've had one piece of flash fiction and two poems accepted."
   ~ Judy, Email Subscriber

   February - Beat the cold: read more

   December - Crimes, imprisonments and superheroes
   October - Trick-or-treating for writers
   September - Who says you can't procrastinate by seeing theater instead of reading?
   August - What I was reading when I wasn't staring at the sun
   July - Shakespeare to Plath: "Why so worried, Sister, why...?"
   June - Fidget-Spinner Poetry and a pissed-off writer or two
   May - Apples, aliens and angry reading
   April - Recent discoveries about Plath, Ginsberg, Kerouac, Baldwin, Takei
   March - Jane Austen poisoned by shopping carts as the real king of England emerges
   February - Librarians fight back, love and the body and 1,000 new words
   January - Troubled narrators, standardized tests and Harry Potter pasta

   December - To book or not to book?
   November - Anne Frank, Dracula and Orwell walk into an email.
   October - Peter asked me [Taylor] to scare our readers. I accepted the challenge.
   September - Dress your characters. Play video games. Read. Live longer.
   August - William the Worm on a cucumber and other twisted stories
   July #2 - Video Writing Tip: Face Your Fears
   July #1 - Poetry as service, rejection and too much heat
   June - Do you believe in magic? Try this writing prompt
   May - Baby hate, politicians and Shakespearean characters
   April - Prince and Flannery O'Connor walk into an email...
   March - Do something beautiful
   February - 10 Tips for Reading Your Writing Like a Pro
   January - Kids' Brit Lit, Nasty Rejections and David Bowie

   December - Resolve to mix it up
   June - Murphy's Laws for Writers - Part 2
   April - Murphy's Laws for Writers - Part 1

   December - Stop feeling guilty, start writing
   August - A Midsummer Night's Writing Prompt
   May - Murphy's Guide to Writing Audaciously
   February - How to get started

   November - Autobiography is dead. Long live memoir!
   October - 5 Questions with Me
   September - A vacation-inspired writing prompt
   July - Give me the smell of diesel fuel from a nearby highway
   June - Allegory of the Poet on a Treadmill
   May - Resources for Publishing Your Writing
   April - Writing Tip: Starting Over

   November - A hurricane-inspired writing prompt
   August - JFK, Stalin, and Commas
   June - Beware of Spell Check Orphans
   May - Go Away

"Thank you for yesterday's email, Peter. I loved the short DeLillo piece as well as the essay with the heron. I teach a micro prose class, and these are both perfect to use for that. I just wanted to tell you your wisdom is always appreciated when you send it out into the ether of all of us writers!"
   ~ Ethan, Email Subscriber

   December - Too much nog? Not enough egg? Try this Writing Prompt
   November - How "true" is your fiction?
   July - 10 Ways to Avoid Writing
   April - Listen to yourself
   February/March - Read Like a Writer

   November/December - Climb back on your keyboard
   September/October - Take a hike
   July/August - Throw in the Dog!
   May/June - When the boss is out of the office
   April - Nifty resources for poets and writers
   March - Have you "Reader Tested" your writing?
   February - Prompt your writing

   November - Change your life
   September - Leap before you look!
   August - Is your writing on vacation?
   July - What are you afraid of?
   April - Adventures in Submitting
   March - Why You Should Roof Pread‎
   February - Getting the words right
   January - Don't write every day

   December - Don't Give Up, or Why I like Rejection
   November - Inspiration is a Myth
   October - Wish you had more time to write?

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